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What Filler Would Be Best for Under Eye Hollowness and Dark Circles?

Taban-eye-filler-belotero-sideview-1-26-16-2Have you noticed that no matter how many hours you sleep your eyes look tired and haggard? Hollows and dark circles under the eyes can be difficult to conceal, even with the most high-end makeup or skincare products. If you’re ready to regain a fresh, vibrant look by getting rid of dark circles or hollowness under your eyes, get in touch with the specialists at Taban MD today! Injectable dermal fillers may be the solution you need, and Dr. Taban has the skill and experience with injectables to erase darkness and the effects of volume loss underneath the eye quickly and efficiently.

Erasing Shadows and Lifting the Undereye

Many people tend to get bluish, purple circles under their eyes as a result of genetics, age, environmental factors, or too many late nights, which cause the delicate tissue to become thin. The same is true for volume loss and deep crevices that form underneath the eyes, called tear trough deformity.  Only so many years ago, the only treatment option for the thinning and sagging skin under the lower eyelid was eyelid surgery. Today, thanks to modern advancements in cosmetic dermatology, hyaluronic acid gel fillers and fat injections can correct the shadowing and hollowing that makes one look older and more tired than they really are.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that naturally occurs in human skin, and therefore, can produce flawless, realistic results when injected as a gel. The most popular HA fillers used to treat tear trough deformity under eyes are Restylane and Belotero. These products help lift and plump the delicate skin beneath the eye with only a simple injection, reducing the appearance of blue or purple bags and erasing shadows (dark circles). The procedure takes no more than 10 to 15 minutes to achieve full results. After initial painless swelling and bruising that may occur, the full filler effect should last for about two years. (This is unlike filler results injected elsewhere in the face, which usually last less than a year.)  Of note, filler can also be injected to improve upper eyelid hollowness that occurs during aging process, with similar results.

Fat injections or fat transfers may also be used for a non-surgical lower eyelid lift. However, the results are less predictable. The procedure involves taking the patient’s own fat, whether from the belly or thigh, and transferring it to the undereye area. (It could also be injected in hollow upper eyelid area.) Transferring the fat cells is generally a minimally invasive procedure, but it is important to note that fat cells do not always survive the transfer process and patients may need to schedule a touch up to maintain the initial results.

The best injectable for under eye hollows or darkness will depend on each patient’s preferences, goals, and unique physical characteristics. By working with an expert oculoplastic surgeon such as Dr. Taban, our patients are assured the best possible outcome.

Schedule an Injectable Filler Consultation Today

To learn more about Restylane and Belotero and other potential options for weary looking eyes, please do not wait to contact oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Mehryar (Ray) Taban to schedule an initial consultation in our Beverly Hills or Santa Barbara offices. We can create the best treatment plan to suit your needs and goals. Call us now!

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