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Learn about Canthoplasty

Canthoplasty refers to any oculoplastic surgery that alters the lateral canthus (outer corner) of the eye. Some patients receive canthoplasty to achieve almond shaped eyes for cosmetic purposes. However, the eyelid shape can cause vision impairments, making surgery medically necessary for other patients.

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Canthoplasty – Causes of Abnormal Eyelid Anatomy

Many patients struggle with abnormal eyelid anatomy from birth while prior surgeries, diseases, or aging cause other conditions. Fortunately, Canthoplasty is a minimally invasive surgery that can dramatically improve eyelid functionality.

When is Canthoplasty Necessary?

The eyelid plays a crucial role by providing a physical barrier to protect against dry environments. As a result, it moistens the eye by spreading tears. Eyelid malposition can cause severe damage to the eyes, and often requires canthoplasty to repair. Compromises to eyelid functionality that are deemed medically necessary to correct include:

  • Obstructing the eye’s path of vision, Eyelids sag so much that they physically pull the upper eyelid downwards
  • Eyelids that need reconstructive surgery after removal of lesions in the medial or lateral canthus
  • Either ectropion affects the Eyelids  (when lower eyelid pulls away from the eye and leaves the surface of the inner eyelid unprotected) or entropion (when the lower eyelid turns toward the eye causing the skin and eyelashes to rub against the eye’s surface, causing irritation)
  • Eyelids that suffer from keratoconjunctivitis (corneas damaged by exposure) after orbital decompression surgery for Crouzon’s syndrome or Grave’s ophthalmopathy
  • Any other follow-up surgery to correct eyelid malposition

Canthoplasty Repairs Eyelid Abnormalities

Lateral Canthoplasty repairs eyelid abnormalities by deconstructing the lateral canthal angle and then re-attaching it to the connective tissue of the lateral orbital rim. Furthermore, the repositioned and re-anchored lateral canthus facilitates normal functionality by securing the lateral canthus and/or tightening the lower eyelid. This surgical procedure can not only restore eyelid functionality, but often improves the aesthetics of the eyes.

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Selecting the Right Canthoplasty Surgeon

Only an accredited, experienced oculoplastic surgeon should consult and operate on patients who need canthoplasty. This ensures the surgery will successfully correct the eyelid functionality and not cause further damage to other ocular areas.

Dr. Taban of the Greater Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara area is a renowned Oculoplastic Surgeon whose distinguished Canthoplasty technique does not use the open canthal incision — which is known to cause complications and prolong recovery — but instead makes the incisions in the upper eyelid crease. This method conceals any signs of surgery.

By mastering the latest advances in lateral Canthoplasty, Dr. Taban delivers strong results for patients who require eyelid repair. Contact his office for a consultation where he will physically asses your orbital anatomy, medical history, and plan your best surgical approach.