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Eye Shape Surgery

Learn about Eye Shape Surgery

What is eye shape surgery? Different cultures consider people with almond shaped eyes more attractive and beautiful. Almond shaped eyes feature an outer corner (lateral canthus) that is slightly higher than the inner corner. With almond shaped eyes, the lower eyelid lies just under the iris and covers most of the white sclera. This appealing shape accentuates the color of the iris.

Eye Shape Surgery Beverly Hills

Eye Shape Surgery – Minimally Invasive Treatment

Some people are not born with almond eyes while others lose the shape due to aging. However, eyelid surgery can fix this. Beverly Hills’ oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Taban  has pioneered a modern technique for aesthetic lateral canthoplasty (eye shape surgery) to achieve an almond shaped eye. The method is less invasive than the traditional lateral tarsal strip procedure.  This easily hides visible signs of surgery. The method reduces canthal scarring. It also involves elevating the lower eyelids (using inside eyelid approach) to give natural almond shaped contour to the lower eyelids with long-lasting results.

Is Eye Shape Surgery Right For You?

Almond eye shape surgery may not cosmetically improve every patient’s eye shape. Thus it is important that an oculoplastic surgeon examines a patient to determine if lateral Canthoplasty is the patient’s best solution to improve their aesthetics. Additionally, canthoplasty focuses more on correcting the outer corners of the eyes. It does not physically lift the lower eyelids themselves. So if patients have other factors contributing to their undesired eye shape, then additional procedures such as lower eyelid retraction surgery, a midface lift, or a combination of the two may be necessary to achieve the almond eye shape. Patients with prior eyelid surgeries may also be advised to avoid eye shape surgery.

What Can I Expect with Eye Shape Surgery?

Surgeons perform Canthoplasty under local anesthesia. Patients only receive anesthesia near the operated area and are kept awake (but sedated) during the procedure. The minimally invasive surgery is an outpatient surgery. Pain medication can alleviate any minimal pain that may occur for the first 1-2 days. Bruising and swelling lasts from 7-10 days but total healing can take longer. Patients can typically resume normal activity after the first week and are fully recovered within a few months.

Eye Shape Surgery Beverly Hills Taban MD

Contact Dr. Taban for an eye shape surgery consultation. He will physically examine your eye shape, orbital anatomy, facial anatomy, and medical history. Upon analysis, he will then determine the best surgical approach to achieve the desired eye shape. He can also refine your vision if the desired eye shape is not the best cosmetic approach.