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Minimally Invasive Eyelid Ectropion

If you have noticed that one or both of your eyelids has started to turn outward, pulling away from your eye, you may be developing an eyelid malposition condition known as ectropion. This disorder typically occurs in the lower eyelids, but can affect the upper lids as well. There are several surgical options available to treat this condition and help you return to your everyday life comfortably.

The expert oculoplastic surgeon,Dr. Taban in Santa Barbara can provide the exceptional care and treatment you need to make eyelid malposition a thing of the past. Do not wait to schedule an appointment today by calling 310-499-2565.

What is Ectropion?

The eyelid condition known as ectropion occurs when one or both eyelids begin to turn outward, exposing the eyeball to air and debris, which can cause dryness, redness, irritation, and excessive tearing. If not treated, the irritation can cause damage to the unprotected eye, potentially leading to severe injury or vision loss.

Minimally Invasive Eyelid Ectropion Surgery

Fortunately, the uncomfortable condition called ectropion can be permanently resolved through skillful surgery. The technique used to treat the eyelid turnout will depend on the cause and extent of the condition. In many cases, the surgeon may perform a canthoplasty or use the tarsal strip method to repair the unnaturally curving eyelid. Dr. Taban specializes in a particular minimally invasive technique called the aesthetic lateral canthoplasty, which achieves better aesthetic results with little to no scarring.

Alternatively, Dr. Taban also specializes in performing cicatricial ectropion or switch flap surgery, in which a flap of skin from the upper eyelid is taken to help reposition the lower lid. This technique ensures that the skin tissue is similar in color and texture, providing a more seamless result.

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If you or your loved one is at risk of eye damage or vision loss as a result of ectropion, do not wait to get the professional medical care you need. The surgical procedures designed to treat this condition are relatively simple and short, taking no more than thirty minutes to an hour and requiring a very short recovery time. Don’t put off protecting your eyesight!

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