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Are Experiencing Eyelid Vein Pain?

Woman with eyelid vein pain

Pain in any part of the body should be reason enough for a doctor’s visit. Pain in the eye is not only annoying but could be the sign of a larger problem. Surprisingly, we think of the eyes as completely separate from the rest of the body. As an exclusive place that pain is only … Read more

Is it Possible to Reduce Swelling from Thyroid Eye Disease?

Woman covering thyroid eye disease swelling

Thyroid eye disease (also referred to as Grave’s disease or thyroid orbitopathy) is an autoimmune disease that affects one out of every 200 people. The disease is related to the thyroid gland. This is an important part of one’s body as the hormones secreted by it control the body’s metabolism. It also affects different structures … Read more

Cheek Lift vs. Face Lift

Female lips and jaw - cheek lift vs. facelift for women

Aging is a natural process that often leads to changes in the appearance of one’s face. For those looking into correcting any signs of aging on their face, there are multiple options patients can choose from. Most often, patients either have a midface lift (also referred to as a “cheek lift”) or a full-facelift. There … Read more

Are Asymmetrical Eyes Normal?

Woman covering half of her face with paper seeking causes of uneven eyes

Asymmetrical eyes are when your eyes have an uneven appearance. For some, this can appear as one eye lower than the other. For others, it can be in the placement of the eyelid, causing the eyes to not look symmetrical. Although asymmetrical eyes are not an immediate cause for concern, many wonder if they are … Read more

What Does Your Eye Shape Say About Your Personality?

upturned eyes

We are beginning to look towards Eastern medicine and practices more and more lately with essential oils, yoga, meditation, and acupuncture becoming part of the popular culture lexicon in the United States. One ancient Chinese practice that hasn’t quite caught on yet is reading faces. The main focus of this is paying attention to the … Read more

How a Fat Transfer Naturally Restores Volume to Your Face

fat transfer under eyes

Picture a balloon you have just blown up. It is full, round, and resilient. A day or two later, that balloon has deflated a bit. It now sags with wrinkles and folds. Your face goes through the same process of deflation as it ages. A younger person’s face has enough fat to make it smooth … Read more

How to Stop Chronic Eye Twitching

how to stop chronic eye twitching

  When you experience an eye twitch that seems to never go away, it can be incredibly frustrating. It can also impair your ability to perform daily functions. Eye twitching can happen for various reasons, but some can be more serious than others. The good news is that there are a variety of ways for … Read more

Is it Possible to Fix Uneven Eyes?

is it possible to fix uneven eyes

Do you look in the mirror or at pictures of yourself and immediately notice your uneven eyes? Professionally referred to as eye asymmetry, having an uneven look to your eyes is more common than you may think. In fact, our team at Taban MD have built our practice around helping patients with cosmetic eye surgery … Read more

How to Correct a Lazy Eyelid

  Have you noticed the lowering of your eyelids and drooping in your skin near your eyes? When we start to lose the elasticity in the cells of our skin, and areas of our skin can begin to droop as a result. Fix any symptoms of a lazy eyelid that you may be experiencing when … Read more

How To Apply Eyeliner For Almond Eyes

almond eye surgery

  Eyes come in a variety of different sizes, colors, and shapes. Although most people focus on the color as determining how attractive one’s eyes are, the shape also plays a big role in that determination. You may not know all the names of the different shapes, but you know when you see someone with … Read more